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At one glance accurate insights in your business figures

Going TOCO is a way of doing business. It means focusing on what truly counts for you: not doing your paperwork, for sure. TOCO is a digital platform with a smiley. It allows you to spend your time on what you’re best at: running your business. It gives you a clear overview of how your business is doing from the inside out. Anywhere and any time. But there is more. TOCO is all about communication too.

It makes your life easier and prompts a positive mindset.
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A clear insight into how your business is doing

Your business is what makes you thrive. Of course, you want to keep a close eye on it.

Maybe it keeps you awake at night. No worries. TOCO provides you with all the insights you need at any given time. It allows you to optimize or revise your strategy at the right moment. You’ll perfectly know whether or not the energy you are putting into your business is worth the effort. You’ll have all data you need right at your fingertips… displayed in charts and figures.

Personal contact

TOCO enables you to easily get in touch with your personal accountant.

Yes, we created a digital platform for handling paperwork. And no, that doesn’t mean personal contacts disappear altogether. You can send messages, or if you want to call us or pay us a visit, that’s fine too. We just give you an extra means to get in touch with us. You don’t have to search your mailbox to find our replies to your questions anymore. It’s all there.

Always one step ahead

TOCO contains a timeline using real-time data relating to your business.

It lets you know when the time has come to pay your social contributions or to upload your quarterly invoices. Missing something will be extremely difficult thanks to TOCO’s gentle alerts. It will provide you with all kinds of suggestions that help you improve your business.

A user-friendly app

The app allows you to check your financial status or ask questions any time you feel like it.

We created a digital platform that works fine on both desktop and mobile devices. TOCO stands for a time- and cost-saving way of working, allowing you and your accountant to plan for the long term.

The dropzone

This box allows you to simply drop your documents onto the platform.

Invoices, tax papers and other paperwork you hate… but your accountant is fond of. Get rid of them in the TOCO dropzone where we will find and process them. So, don’t worry about what goes where. That’s our job.

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Accurate insights in your business figures

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