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How digitization offers new opportunities to accountants

Beyond Accounting Syneton TOCO 12 september

The ongoing global digitalization wave is entering the accounting sector at an accelerated pace. Automation is having an ever-increasing impact on the daily life of the average accountant.

Today, there’s an abundancy of smart software solutions making bookkeeping increasingly more efficient by automating repetitive tasks. We see tech-savvy accountants and bookkeepers embracing digital technology allowing them to take on their analysis and advisory role more effectively. They are more responsive to the needs of their customers and becoming, so to speak, a pilot or a captain, navigating their customer’s business.

Femke Hogema articulates this well in her book De Winstadviseur (The Profit Advisor): "What if accounting is no longer the goal but the basis?". In other words, if you want to add value as a financial person, you need to help your client to make better use of their figures. Help companies to manage their business better and to make well-considered, well-founded choices. This makes perfect sense. Accounting was created in the first place to gain an insight into profit or loss: the current digital transformation of the accounting sector is thus not a logical evolution, but rather a "back to the roots".

Also, the entrepreneur doesn't want to waste any time with bookkeeping. He or she just wants to realise dreams and goals. The Exact KMO barometer 2018 indicates that 47% of SME's expect more business advice and 26% more speed from their accountant.

TOCO is a new cloud-based portal solution that allows both the SME and its accountant to really focus on the core tasks of the company. It’s a 100% digital platform for easy document flow, payments, tax processing and connection with 3rd parties (banks, social securities, government, …) All this with a monthly snap shot of their validated business results. If the accountant is the pilot, then TOCO is the compass that puts the pilot on the right track.

Of course, digital transformation goes beyond just simple financial administration. If you want to keep an eye on the ball and know what's really going on today, be sure to visit "Beyond Accounting" on 12 September. In one afternoon, you will discover which technology and which software will help you coach the entrepreneur, today and tomorrow. The TOCO team will be present as we are giving our very first public demonstration of our new platform.

More information and subscriptions (15€) about Beyond Accounting on the Syneton website.