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TOCO for Accountants

TOCO is a forward-thinking solution.

A single portal that lets you manage all your customers.

TOCO automation of repetitive tasks

Automate and Accelerate

Be more efficient.

TOCO gives you intuitive features that speed up time-consuming routine work. Collect information and documents from a central archive, save time and eliminate paper archiving.

Take it easy, just TOCO.

TOCO be a business partner

Be a business partner

More time to do your job

Shift a significant part of your activities from dull, repetitive tasks to high-value, premium advising. Focus on strategic initiatives and develop real business partnerships instead of just being “a bookkeeper” for your customers.

Win win.

TOCO bookkeeping

Vendor agnostic

Continue to work with your accounting package

While TOCO simplifies the entire data and communication flow, it is not a bookkeeping package. You can continue to use your favorite solution for that - we’ll take care of all the integration.

No stress.

TOCO together connected

Together connected

Our brand promise

Send messages more easily, find those replies in your portal, and collect your documents, including post-it style context. Transparent and easy-to-understand communication. It’s all there.

Save those phone calls and meetings for added-value advice. Smile.

TOCO forget peakmoments

Forget peak moments

With fiscal closes on the horizon, invoices and excel sheets pop up on your screen. With TOCO, the processes traditionally left for the period end are spread more evenly. You prepare the necessary documents based on the information that is centrally available.

Need more info? Just connect using your portal feed.