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TOCO helps you navigate your business.

Digitalize your paper flows, connect with your accountant and service providers, share, create and pay invoices, all while keeping a 360° view on your company figures.

TOCO an intuïtive timeline

An intuitive timeline

The heart of your business

Start your day with a peek at your TOCO timeline - push information to your accountant or other service providers, never miss a deadline. Check what’s on your to-do list, maybe you need to contact your banker? It’s all there.

Toco Real-time insights

360° real-time insight

How are you doing?

A powerful tool for actionable insights.

TOCO provides you an up-to-the-minute daily overview of your key figures - displayed in handy charts. Forecast better, adjust your strategy based on real figures.

TOCO 100% digital launchpad

100% digital launchpad

Paper not allowed

Get rid of all the documents that your accountant loves so much.

Toco is your document manager but with more horsepower. Scan, upload, and share automatically with your accountant, your bank or social secretary.

Toco easy invoicing

Easy Invoicing

Get paid on time, every time

Craft professional invoices, send reminders, and add post-it-style context. Schedule payments, set up automated reminders, list outstanding invoices.

Save you and your accountant a considerable amount of time.

TOCO Payments


One-click, direct from your Toco

Automatically extract payment information from received invoices. All you have to do is approve the payment.